Eagre Games is a small Central Maine-based game company developing non-violent, beautifully immersive, story-driven games.

Chuck Carter Profile Photo
Chuck Carter
Creative Director, Founder
Once upon a time Carter helped create Myst and 26 other video games including the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Nox, Pacman World Rally, Kyrandia and many others – Carter worked on TV shows like Babylon5 (as a digital Matte Painter) as well as having contributed work on Star Trek the Experience and Disney’s Mission to Mars motion rides. His illustration and animation work has been seen on the BBC, National Geographic, US Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, Scientific American, NASA, Caltech and JPL as well dozens of additional publications and organizations.

Currently Carter is the founder of Eagre Games.

(For more about Chuck Carter you can check out this interview – 3D Art Direct)

Seth Mantye
Vice President
Seth is a game development guru, strategist, and lover of all things Maine who has been involved in the development of eleven different games. He has helped coordinate the independent developer community in Boston, MA and can be regularly found mentoring game dev students. As an Unreal Engine aficionado, Seth brings a breadth of talent, expertise, and experience which combines with a passion for games and the development process to create great games.

Stephanie Frankiewicz
Producer, Designer
Stephanie is an animator, illustrator, writer and doodler extraordinaire! Although she has done a potpourri of design projects, her passion lies in playing with the computer and regular-ol-paper until the crazy images in her brain live in the real-world. She also has a blast spinning story webs creating make-believe worlds.

Stephanie’s goal to make everyday feel like Saturday morning. She also has coffee instead of blood keeping her body oxygenated.

Josh Eckert
Marketing, Designer
Joshua brings to Eagre Games his experience in environmental and concept design, and emerging technologies. He’s worked with the Singaporean government, several luxury fashion brands, and most recently a Techstars startup. He’s a strategist, a lover of graphs and Venn Diagrams. He adores Seth Godin and Tim Brown, and he’s fortunate to have met both!

Travel fuels his passion for otherworldly environments. His favorite destination was Amantani Island at the center of Lake Titicaca. He is currently living in the Land of Cyan – where balloons strive for freedom and only you can help set them loose!

Calvin Moisan Bio
Calvin Moisan
Unreal Developer, Programmer, and IT Wizard
Calvin is the go to guy for all things tech and Unreal Engine. He has been a passionate player of video games all his life, and loves the creative process of development. Some would like to think that if Einstein were a computer programmer his name would be Calvin, despite Calvin’s numerous assertions to the contrary.

When Calvin isn’t putting up with Seth’s horrible jokes, he likes living life to the fullest, and creating beautiful, engaging, and inspiring games.

Joe Fielder Portrait
Joe Fielder
Contributing Artist | Writer
A writer and game designer, Joe Fielder has contributed to such games as: BioShock Infinite, BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 & 2, The Flame in the Flood, Lost Within, BOOM BLOX, and more. During the daytime, he acts as Design Director of OtherSide Entertainment’s Underworld Ascendant, the modern follow-up to LookingGlass’ classic Ultima Underworld RPG series.

Doug Goldsmith
Contributing Artist | Conceptual Illustrator
Doug is an accomplished illustrator and a painter. His illustration work includes character design for numerous video games and business clients, concept design, editorial illustration, book and advertising illustration. He is the senior illustration professor and a full time faculty member of the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. In his 26 years of teaching for the School of VCD he has been honored with numerous teaching awards including the Outstanding Teaching Award.

Doug has a passion for color, humorous illustration and loves coaching and inspiring his students. He lives in Hudson, Ohio with his wife Michelle and their giant Newfoundland dog, Hudson.

Alex Ripple Image
Alex Parish
Contributing Artist | Musician
Beyond trying and failing to be a “normal” human being, Alex Parish is an audio ninja hailing from Berklee College of Music where she studies Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games. She goes by Pearl Pixel on the Internet and likes to listen to way too much music. As of now, one of her main goals is to become an established composer by the time she’s 90. Hopefully that works out for her.

James Cowin portrait
James Cowin
Contributing Artist | Intern
Currently James is going to school at Southern New Hampshire University studying Game Art and Design with a minor in graphic design. He’s spending every chance he gets to hone his craft as a 3D artist and gain experience with tools such as 3DsMax, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Marmoset and ZBrush. James is currently helping Eagre Games with ZED over the summer building 3D model assets and helping with UE4 level building.

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