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ZED on Gamasutra

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“Puzzle games fell off much of the radar for quite some time, either being mind-bogglingly difficult or so simplistic as to remove any challenge. The team wants to change the perception of puzzle games to use them as a story-telling device while still providing unique, compelling, and sometimes challenging gameplay.”…read on.

AlphaBetaGamer features ZED

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“By the end to the Alpha Demo you’ll be dying to see more of the strange worlds ZED has to offer – a beautiful puzzle adventure that feels like you’re waling through a piece of art.”…read on.

ZED Team interview on GamingOnLinux

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“I arranged an interview with Eagre to talk about ZED and their experiences with Linux and our community, including the decision to change support from a stretch goal to a base funding goal.”…read on.

ZED featured on Gamereactor

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“In the game players must explore a bizarre world and solve strange puzzles as they help ‘an aging and dying dreamer leave behind a lasting legacy for his granddaughter.’ The story is being written by BioShock Infinite writer Joe Fielder and it has its own distinct visual style, somewhat typical of Chuck Carter”…read on.

MMOExaminer features ZED

MMO Examiner

“This puzzle adventure encourages exploration as a dreamer tries to build a lasting legacy to leave behind for his granddaughter during his final days. With Chuck Carter’s artistic history, be it developing visuals for NASA to his work on games such as Myst or Command and Conquer: Red Alert “…read on.

Gamepressure features ZED

Game Pressure

Eagre Games—a development studio founded and headed by Chuck Carter, a man who’s worked on Myst, the Command & Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and others—has gone to Kickstarter to raise funds for their latest game in works entitled ZED…read on.

IndieHangover features ZED

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ZED is the kind of game that will, all at once, invite you to relax in an impossible word, while also working your brain with puzzles to figure out what it all means.” …read on.

CLIQIST features ZED

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“As it stands, Zed’s premise is quite vague; it looks like you get to play in a dream world situated within a man’s “disintegrating mind”, that being translated into screenshots showing cities corrupted by vegetation and clockwork structures strewn across dying trees.” …read on.

PC Game features ZED

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“Zed, which is being written by BioShock Infinite writer Joe Fielder, has its own distinct visual style, but appears set to serve up a very Myst-like experience: Players must explore a bizarre world and solve strange puzzles as they help an aging and dying dreamer leave behind a lasting legacy for his granddaughter.” …read on.

DailyDot features ZED

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“Carter’s first title with Eagre Games, which he founded, is an exploration into the inner depths of the dreaming mind. Called Zed, it is about a dying dreamer suffering from dementia who wishes to leave a legacy for his granddaughter.”…read on.