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6.5.2016 “Exploring dreams is a common theme inn video games. There’s something appealing about exploring surreal landscapes (or dreamscapes to be more accurate) and seeing how the world around us is changing. That’s what Zed is about.” …read on.

6.3.2016 Chuck and Cal were re-invited to appear on the Pulse Morning show broadcast on AM620 WZON. Chuck discusses the progress of our Kickstarter, Calvin dives into the tech of Unreal Engine 4, and the two discuss high speed internet availability in northern Maine. Listen now!

6.3.2016 Chuck, one of the artists behind Myst, recently Kickstarted his company Eagre Games‘ first game: ZED. As of early Friday morning the game had attracted over 450 backers pledging over $12,000 of a $48,000 goal, with 28 days still left to kickstart…read on.

5.31.2016 Chuck was invited to appear on the George Hale/Rick Tyler show on 103.9 WVOM. Chuck discusses his experience in the gaming industry, working the the Unreal Engine, the ZED’s upcoming Kickstarter and more. It’s a good time with lots of laugh, give it a listen.

5.27.2016 Chuck and Calvin were invited to appear on WZON AM 620 for a spot on the Pulse Morning show! Chuck, Calvin, and the show’s hosts discuss everything from the basics of game development, to ZED’s upcoming Kickstarter, and the state of high speed internet infrastructure in northern Maine. Listen now!


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